Carl Herz Prize

The Carl Herz Prize recognizes a research contribution made by a doctoral student currently registered at one of the ISM universities whose supervisor is a member of an ISM scientific group. The prize is worth $4,000, and is accompanied by a travel grant of $1,000, allowing the recipient to present his or her results at a scientific event. The prize is awarded by a committee of internationally renowned mathematicians who are members of the ISM.

Each ISM university is invited to nominate a maximum of two candidates. Candidates should submit a copy of their most important research contribution (preprint, article), a one-page text explaining their principal results to a general mathematical audience, a CV, and a letter of recommendation from their thesis supervisor. A person can receive the Carl Herz Prize once only.

The deadline for Departments to submit nominations to the ISM is March 22, 2024.

Recipients of the Carl Herz Prize
(established in 2007)

Carl Herz Scholars