CRM-ISM Postdoctoral Fellowships

Every year, the ISM, the Centre de recherches mathématiques (CRM) and researchers from the member universities welcome a certain number of postdoctoral fellows. All candidates interested in working with a mathematics research team from Quebec are invited to submit an application to the CRM-ISM competition.

Scholarships for Outstanding PhD Candidates

The ISM will award several one-term $7,500 scholarships to PhD students completing their last calendar year of studies. The scholarships shall be awarded during the Fall 2024 or Winter 2025 semester. This award is intended to support outstanding doctoral students so they can concentrate entirely on their thesis writing and defence preparation.

Since the primary goal of this scholarship is to provide the recipients with the necessary time to complete their research, please note that:

  • Students who are already recipients of a doctoral fellowship from a major funding agency, which allows them to concentrate entirely on their studies, are not eligible to apply.
  • Recipients of the scholarship for Outstanding PhD candidates are not permitted to teach a university course during the tenure of the award.

To apply, all course work and comprehensive exams must be completed by the time of the application, and a thesis proposal must have been accepted by the thesis advisor and/or committee.

Deadline for Applications: Friday, May 17, 2024.

A complete application includes:

  • a brief cover letter (indicating the term applying for, the thesis subject and the name of the thesis director),
  • an academic CV,
  • a copy of all graduate (PhD) transcripts,
  • a letter from the graduate program director confirming eligibility (all course work and comprehensive exams are completed by the time of the application, and a thesis proposal has been accepted by the advisor and/or thesis committee) and;
  • a letter of reference from the thesis advisor detailing the progress of the student while clearly stating the expected date of graduation or thesis defence (month and year are sufficient).

Please submit applications to

ISM Graduate Scholarships

The ISM awards several scholarships to Canadian and foreign students who wish to complete a Ph.D. These scholarships are awarded to outstanding candidates thus the cumulative GPA must be at least 3.5.

Candidates registered in a graduate program at one of the member universities must submit the following documents to their host department by March 1, 2024:

  • the cover page
  • up-to-date university transcripts (including undergraduate and graduate),
  • a curriculum vitæ, including research achievements and interests,
  • two letters of recommendation.

To renew an ISM scholarship, please submit:

Please note that host departments may require further documents or information to complete the dossier. Candidates are advised to verify with their host department if this is the case.

For more information, consult the ISM Scholarships Policy.

Carl Herz Prize

The Carl Herz Prize recognizes a research contribution made by a doctoral student registered at one of the ISM universities whose supervisor is a member of an ISM scientific group. The prize is worth $4,000, and is accompanied by a travel grant of $1,000, allowing the recipient to present his or her results at a scientific conference. The prize is awarded by a committee of internationally renowned mathematicians who are members of the ISM.

Each ISM university is invited to nominate a maximum of two candidates. Candidates should submit a copy of their most important research contribution (preprint, article), a one-page text explaining their principal results to a general mathematical audience, a CV, and a letter of recommendation from their thesis supervisor. A person can receive the Carl Herz Prize once only.

The deadline to submit nominations to the ISM is Friday, March 22, 2024.

The winner of the Carl Herz Prize shall be invited to give a talk at the ISM Student Conference in May 2024.

Undergraduate Summer Scholarships

Funded by the ISM and the Centre de recherches mathématiques (CRM), the Undergraduate Summer Scholarships give undergraduate students the opportunity to acquire research experience in a university or industrial environment while offering young researchers the chance to gain experience in research supervision.

Description: Summer scholarships are offered to undergraduate students in mathematics and statistics who are registered in one of the ISM member universities. They allow selected candidates to carry out research under the supervision of a postdoctoral fellow, a doctoral student or an assistant professor affiliated with one of the ISM member universities.

Duration of the scholarship: 2 to 4 months

Salary: $1,500 per month for the duration of the scholarship

Financing: The combined CRM-ISM contribution is $750 per month for the duration of the scholarship. The remainder of the financing is provided by other research funds (individual researchers, research laboratories, etc.).

Deadline: The deadline for submitting an application is March 15, 2024. Applications may be submitted electronically to

Required documents:

  • A description of the research project with a calendar indicating how and when the work will be carried out. The duration of the scholarship must be clearly specified on the application. Please also include contact information for all concerned parties.
  • University transcripts.
  • A letter of recommendation (sent separately) from the proposed supervisor or the sponsoring professor attesting to the ability of the candidate to carry out the research project.
  • A financial commitment from the sponsoring professor to provide the matching funds.

Candidates are encouraged, but not required, to provide a second letter of recommendation.

Other conditions:

  • The scholarship recipient is committed to working full time on the research project.
  • The recipient will present a research report at the end of the project. Certain reports written by the interns are selected by the ISM to appear in the electronic journal Proceedings of the ISM research internships.

Travel Bursaries

The ISM offers financial assistance to students who wish to attend scientific conferences. Departments can recommend four students per year for contributions of up to $500 each for approval by the ISM director.

Nominations should include a brief CV, a description of the conference and a letter of recommendation from the student's supervisor explaining the benefits of the proposed trip for the student.

The application must also be approved by the Departmental Chair or Graduate Programme Director.

It is expected that students and supervisors make every reasonable effort to obtain funding from other sources; they should confirm in their application that they have done so.

Scholarships offered by MITACS

Mitacs is a national, private not-for-profit organization that provides local and global research opportunities and training for students and postdocs, traditionally in partnership with industry.

In particular, Mitacs Globalink Research Award provides an opportunity for faculty and their students at Canadian universities to strengthen existing international research collaborations and connect with colleagues in certain countries through the mobility of senior undergraduate and graduate students.

For a comprehensive list of the programs offered by Mitacs, please see