ISM Scientific Groups

Be it permanently or on a temporary basis for specific activities, our institutions host many of the top researchers  in the world in various mathematical fields.  We pay particular attention to encouraging their interaction with graduate students. ISM professors, postdoctoral fellows and students structure their activities around twelve inter-university groups listed in the side-bar. Each group organizes seminars and other scientific activties and coordinates graduate course offerings, providing a coherent and rigourous academic program.

ISM Courses

ISM courses are open to all students who are registered in one of the member universities, with no restrictions. Students may submit work in the language of their choice, English or French.

To register for an ISM course, students must first have their course selection approved by their supervisor and departmental Graduate Program Director. Students may then register for the course using the electronic form available on the CRÉPUQ website.

The electronic form will then be sent to the home and host university registrar for approval.

Additional procedures to register for a course at McGill University:
Once the registration through the CRÉPUQ Website is complete, the student will receive a confirmation from the CRÉPUQ. The student must then register for the course at McGill University through the MINERVA registration system. 

Important deadlines: Concordia, HEC Montréal, Laval, McGillUniversité de MontréalUQAMUQTR, Université de Sherbrooke

Discovery Schools

ISM Discovery Schools for graduate students and  advanced undergraduate students present new, exciting progress in the mathematical sciences. A discovery school  consists of a special series of lectures or mini-courses with a specific theme not found in regular university courses, to which exercise sessions or other student interactive events can be added. The objective is to train students in a particular topic and, ideally, to provide a model of transition to independent research.

Four schools will be held this year:

Probability in Number Theory (in collaboration with the CRM)
May 14-18, 2018

Health Statistics
May 28 - June 1, 2018

Shape Optimization and Spectral Geometry
May 14-18, 2018

Perspectives on bordered Heegaard Floer theory
May 8-11, 2018