ISM Discovery School: Random trees, graphs and maps

June 5-9, 2023

Discrete probability explores the structure of the objects studied in discrete mathematics. In theory, the study of large random discrete structures can frequently be reduced to understanding a uniform sample from a finite set. In practice, however, for structured discrete objects (such as trees, graphs and maps), understanding what a uniform sample typically looks like frequently involves a rich interplay between combinatorial, probabilistic and algorithmic arguments. The courses in this discovery school will showcase this interplay, presenting both classical and recent results on the asymptotic behaviour of large random structures. The schedule of lectures will be relatively light, leaving plenty of time for students to discuss together to deepen their understanding of the material.

This school is intended for graduate students in probability and combinatorics as well as for undergraduate students who are doing a research project in related fields or who have already taken courses in probability, graph theory and combinatorics.